HOST Manifesto

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20 Principles behind the HOST Manifesto
to Humanise Leadership & Business to Make Change Work

We are uncovering human-centered leadership development to help people connect with themselves and others, to unlock their potential to create the conditions to make change work to scale our people, business and societal impact.

Through this work we have come to value:

Intrinsic motivation
over top-down execution

Human connectivity
over strategy, systems and processes

over traditional performance indicators

Rising consciousness
over treating symptoms

over reporting

over detailed planning  

over profit

over competition

We acknowledge the importance of both items, however, in this fast changing and digital world we need to emphasise the items on the left more.

We guide you through the human-centered leadership development principles in a systemic way from the personal to the interpersonal, in-company, intra-company, global, and universal levels. All of these levels  are interconnected and influence the future of mankind.

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HOST Manifesto: the 20 Principles


We are Purpose

We all share the same purpose, namely, awakening, consciousness of becoming our true (best) selves. Without the attachment of any “system” – upbringing, education system, the organisation you might work for or the business you’re running, or the country with a set of politics and jurisdiction you grew up. that attaches you to a certain role or profile, while you’re so much more than that. You’re consciousness.

Integral Health

The World Health Organisation defines health as physical, mental and social wellbeing. Like everything in life, it’s all interconnected. Nourishing your health includes all facets for an optimal body-mind-heart-spirit balance and life experience which includes; spirituality, nature, recreation, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, relationships and giving back.

To be(come) more resilient and agile to cope with uncertainty and fast change, its key to have an “integral” health diet that keeps you well balanced and makes your radiate your energy to others. Your energy is contagious and attracts people that are on the same wavelength.


Through our thoughts, feelings and actions, we are in control of how we experience life, work, family, etc. Change from the inside-out is the only thing we have control over. No externality should be able to ruin the peace inside us. For many people, becoming truly responsible requires changing core beliefs. Rewiring our mindsets takes willpower, dedication and  leaping out of our comfort zones.

Rising Personal Awareness

You are what you think and you see what you are. The world we perceive is a social construct based on our own thinking and emotions. It’s self-fulfilling and to break through your patterns of creating more of the same outcome is our biggest challenge in life. It requires unbiased self-reflection and feedback from your environment. Through (self) reflection you discover more of the full spectrum of you. It’s a lifelong (and beyond) journey; enjoy it!

If you don’t take responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for life (Eckhart Tolle).

The Agile Mindset

Agile mindset development helps leaders, teams, communities, organisations, and societies to transform, lead and thrive in our fast-changing and digital word.

It all starts with adopting an “agile” – adaptive, generous, intuitive, learn-by-doing and empathetic – mindset to help contribute to a human-centered leadership culture that fosters empowerment and ongoing transformation to help people thrive.


Rising Collective Consciousness

95% of our behaviour and actions are steered by our unconscious mind. And thus, an enormous opportunity to increase our collective consciousness to get to sustainable and desirable results for humanity, business and societies as a whole.

With rising collective consciousness you can facilitate constructive and resourceful communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and continuous learning and development, to move beyond the surface and symptoms of problem-solving to make the invisible visible.


“Namaste” means the best in me will bring the best in you. Respect to all. Treat people the way you like to be treated; with respect and humility; we all need love, recognition, significance and meaning. To be able to be(come) ourselves. Help people to connect with themselves, others and their environment.

Power of Serendipity

Facilitating serendipitous networking in such people can easily complement each other’s knowledge, networks, and skills. Increase your work environment with the probability to have relevant encounters. Spontaneous and sincere connects that can make people’s day or boost your project. Facilitate serendipity online and offline to help people move beyond unconscious bias and help grow their networks naturally in flow.

Inclusion and Diversity is Innovation

Moving beyond your unconscious bias is key to appreciate and integrate different perspectives, skill-sets, lifestyles and (ethnic or educational) backgrounds. Our intertwined world and its challenges needs to be observed through a multidisciplinary lens. It requires us to unlock our inner “anthropologist”, to be truly curious, ethnographic and perceive problem-solving in integrate ways.

A culture for inclusion provides leaders and organisations the “edge” to be truly unique, better networked, more agile for fast-changing environments and, therefore, to have a competitive advantage over others by creating and leading in new markets.

Lightheartedness and Humor for Serious Business

Personal-, professionals- and leadership development to be able to achieve higher goals, that move beyond you, can feel heavy at times. Humor is a great way to cope with stress, tension, disappointments and help you to let go of the ego.

With humor and lightheartedness not to take yourself that seriously, you create a work environment where people can be there non-perfect selves, can laugh about themselves in humble ways, which makes it easier to share their flaws and mistakes, that simultaneously connects us all! Being bubbly while you try to do your very best, is all we can do.


Safe and Supportive Work Environment

Lifelong learning and development, continuous innovation and transformation are to be fostered through community building. Where people are open and dare to ask for help, share their best practices and brilliant failures.

Minimum Structure and Maximum Freedom

Keeping things simple is the most challenging in times of “VUCA”. Working with various people and (global) teams, translates over cultures and (emerging) needs by the market requires a “meta” skills and practices. To distill what 20 percent of your activities leads to eighty percent of the impact? To design a minimal structure, with clear boundaries, that generates an equal level playing field for people to feel intrinsically motivated to engage, to show initiative, responsibility, and leadership.

Failing is Learning

“Failing” is inevitable. Firstly because its inherently part of us all being human. Secondly operating in a VUCA-world, every development or “implementation” can be perceived as pilot. As a learning journey for continuous improvement (learning and development).

Smart failing is having the mindset to embrace failure as “new information” to be applied in a learning journey of a person, team, organisation or society as a whole.

The faster and more you fail, especially in the early stage of a new development, the faster you meet and/or create the (emerging) needs of your “end-user”; your clients, team, peers, shareholders or students.

Digital, Tech and AI for the Common Good

The speed of change in technology and artificial intelligence provides us enormous opportunities for new ways of problem-solving on a global scale and, simultaneously, also ethical challenges to be coded, designed and applied in unbiased ways to serve the common good.


In-company and Intra-company Learning

Join forces even with that of your competitors. Transform your community into a social business ecosystem by enabling your members to get to work closely with the team or become a (business) partner. Scale your people, business and societal impact by working with complementary partners.


Systemic Transformation

Today’s global challenges and trends are multi-disciplinary rooted and interdependently related which makes it impossible to isolate the exact root cause and to come up with a one-dimensional solution-focus approach.

More leaders adopt a “systemic lens“ that helps translate (global) challenges into hands-on practices applicable in the daily work practice. While connecting the dots and positively influencing casual relationships on all levels. A key skill to motivate employees working on complex topics.

Act Glocal

The world is literally at our feet full of opportunities to interconnect and collaborate. However, we have to be alert for globalisation to be translated into local economies with caution for it to not negatively affect the local culture, traditions and values. Be an anthropologist and stay cautious and curious about the local context you are working in and welcome synergy in.

Sharing Abundance

Apply the one-to-one principle (see example “Tom Shoes”) and make business less transactional and more transformational by giving back to society in the same ratio as your organisation grows. Act and think in terms of abundance in knowledge, networks and skills you can provide.


Non-Dualistic Worldview

Means “not two” or “one undivided without a second”. Nondualism primarily refers to a mature state of consciousness in which the dichotomy of “us” versus “them” is transcended, and awareness is described as “centerless” and “without dichotomies”
(Wikipedia 2019).

Expand your mind and move beyond polarisation to tap into to a mature (universal) state of consciousness. Multiple realities can co-exists at the same time, there is no benefits in comparing, judging or finding the truth through “us vs. them” syndrome thinking, as this creates tension and triggers the ego and creates a disconnect. Most people think in dualistic ways to simplify the world and gain understanding (control).

Source Energy

In the end the “rule of thumb” to help you transform, thrive and lead in life is based on the principle that we’re all light and energy in the universe — all interconnected. Once you resonate with who you’re and what you do, you thrive and pass your energy to others. It becomes contagious and works like a magnet. Radiate the energy you have within you and have to give.

Sign the HOST Manifesto and help inspire the world to redesign
and humanise leadership development to make change work.

Humble regards,

Jessica Tangelder and the HOST team.

Let’s humanise leadership and business
to make change work

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