About the Initiator

Jessica Tangelder is the initiator of the HOST manifesto with the aim to humanise leadership and business to drive systemic transformation on all levels - the people, business, and societal level, to be(come) our best selves and future-proof.

Together with the HOST Board of experts and early adopter signatories, forward-thinking change leaders and consultants, 15 principles for human-centered leadership and business development have been co-created to help guide leaders, teams, organisations, and societies to transform, thrive, and lead in our fast-changing, complex, globalising, and digital world.

Jessica has a multidisciplinary background being a Sociologist, Organisation Anthropologist, Entrepreneur, Applied Improvisation theatre practitioner, and master in International Relations. This enables her to look at the world systemically, through multiple lenses that bring clarity and an inclusive approach to tackle today’s complex challenges that urge for a rising awareness and collective consciousness for our shared people, business, and societal action and responsibility to make the world a better place.

As the founder of HOST2Transform International and senior HOST “change” consultant, serialpreneur, and business coach, Jessica sets the vision to successfully humanise leadership and business to make work change and to make change work.

With the podcast “HOST2Transform Talks” she interviews leaders of transformation and continues to share the best practices to drive human-centered transformation and help transform people, businesses, and societies.

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