About the Manifesto

The HOST Manifesto has the intention to level the playing field for contemporary human-centered change leadership- and business innovation to guide people, businesses, and societies to transform and become more agile and resilient in our uncertain future.

We encourage forward-thinking change consultants and leaders to contribute to the HOST Manifesto and bring (their) philosophy on life, leadership, and business into play.

The HOST guide was inspired by the 15 HOST principles that translate the HOST Manifesto into hands-on intervention designs, practices, and skills to drive human-centered transformation and help grow mindsets, behaviours, and cultures to foster (mental) wellbeing, ongoing innovation, and intercultural collaboration.

The HOST Global Leadership Trend Report provides you with the latest trends and scientific-proof to increase awareness for the need for human-centered transformation, and inspire influencers and global (Fortune 500) leaders to place the principles on top their agenda.

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